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Meet the retired Ladies of Allagante Silkens
Each lady has their own page. Click on either the name or photo to get to their individual page.

 The next  ladies are ISWS Champions and are the Grand Dams of Allagante Silkens and have since retired from the breeding arena but have helped shape Allagante from the beginning. 

Suzie Q
ISWS and Rarities Champion

Suzie Q click on name for further pictures
Kristull Suzie Q Tangaloor is a gorgeous silly girl who amuses us for hours on end with her silly antics. Suzie stills resides with us as the matriarch of the family.




ISWS Champion

Dabisha click on name for further pictures
Kristull Dabisha Allagante is a sweet loving girl who loves to spend hours upside down on the couch. She has since retired to a loving home in California being the super house dog she loved to be.






Chiana  click on name for Chiana's page

Allagante Luna Chiana is the love of my life. Besides my hubby of course! She actually "talks" to me and can not understand while I do not understand everything she says. She drives me batty with her demands but I always cave in.  





Now meet the rest of the ladies that helped in shaping Allagante Silkens. These ladies are all retired from breeding and leading a wonderful retired life either with us or with another forever home or have crossed over the rainbow bridge.


Brandy click on name for further pictures
Reniassance by Cognac is a very special girl for us. After having a bad time in her life SHE picked me to be her forever person and has shown how much she loves me everyday since.
Brandy was spayed in 2008 and living a happy life here being in charge of all the younger kids and sleeping on my bed.




Delaney click on name for further pictures
Allagante Delaney is the most loving sweetest girl and a face with eyes to get lost in. Her favorite game is throw the bone in the air and try to catch it. Delaney was spayed in 2008 and retired to a wonderful home in Canada. 




Elana click on name for further pictures

Allagante Elana takes after her mom Suzie Q and is as happy and silly as she is. She also thinks she is part mountain goat and you can usually find her on top on something be it couch or myself.



Mira Raincoast Allagante Miracle ( click on her name to see more about Mira)

Mira is a wonderful, very affectionate girl. Laying almost on top of you and using her nose to get you to notice her. She has passed on very affectionate traits to her offspring. She was Co-owned and co bred with Raincoast Windhounds and it was a very delightful partnership.



Hillevi click here for her page
ISWS Ch Seiran Ayame Windspirit "Hillevi" is a striking girl that knows no strangers either dogs or people. She moves right in and makes herself totally at home.  We simply love her personality. She is co-owned with Lucille Meale of Windspirit Silkens.




"Jewelclick on her name for her own page 


Allagante Fire Opal Winterfall "Jewel" is so much a princess. Very silly but princess like at all times. She is one of our bed dogs and she loves to cuddle at night.   



Allagante Golden Highlights


"Halleclick on her name for her own page 


ISWS CH Allagante Golden Highlights FCH, ORC, GRC "Halle" is so much a beloved athletic. She went to her forever home in 2018 and is still very loved.   



Allagante Light Up The Sky


SKY click on name for further pictures

Allagante Light Up The Sky is one of the most happy and easy going Silkens I know. You can take her anywhere drop her off for awhile and she just makes herself at home with new dogs and her favorite snuggie, people. Does matter age from kids to the elderly, she loves them all the same.





Temora click on her name for her page

CEA Clear / MDR1 Clear
Allagante Temora is out of our butterfly collection litter. Beside being gorgeous she is tremendously fast. Spoiled rotten, Paul calls her our little spy since she does undercover work at night (sleeps under the bed covers).





"Randiclick on her name for her own page 


Allagante Gold Krugerrand "Randi" is so much a Tomboy. Very silly but loves to play with her friends. Beautiful comformation and silly to boot.    



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