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ISWS Ch Allagante Golden Highlights, ASFA FCH, ORTC

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Allagante Golden Highlights(stats)
Sire = Allagante Chinook Winds "Chino"
Dam= Kristull Sapphire Blue "Sapphire"
Height:      22+1/2"

Color:       gold w/black brindle/sabled
Markings: self
DOB:        9/23/11

ISWS Conformation CH - 2013
ASFA FCH - July 2013
NOTRA ORTC - Oct 2013
LGRA SRC - 2014
Notable WINS at regional & National shows
SilkenFest  2013 -BOB ASFA lure coursing 
BooFesrt 2013 - WB,BOW, & BOS

Halle was a wonderful puppy and loved all things. She went to Germany when she was a few months old. She was loved in Germany but something went wrong and she was unhappy which made for an unhappy household. We made plans for her to come home. I will always be there for my dogs no matter what or where.  



When flew to Texas to pick her up, she was a sad little girl. But it took her only a few stops in the drive before she recognized me. She was elated to see me. She seemed a little quit but easy to be around as I took her to the big all bred UKC show ( I did not show her) to watch all the other Silkens. Nothing seemed to phase her except to fly again and she was upset. But once again at home from the plane she settle right down. She took her time adjusting back home and sept the first week and started to play with the other dogs by the second and third weeks. I took her to her first a month after she got her. She loves all kinds of running. And she is a speed demon!


Halle had so much fun racing and coursing I decided to do a rode trip in June to SilkenFest 2013 in Kalamazoo, MI. My friend J and I packed up dogs and equipment and left in her Sprinter. It was a great time and we picked up Lydia and her Rio on the way. Halle was amazing and won open stakes in the ASFS coursing. She went on to compete against the FCH stakes winner (owned by friend J) Bados, Allagante Windspirit Bados and the veteran stakes winner Rio, Allagante Mytic Topaz. and ended up winning BOB. She then ended up with as BOS in the straight racing held there too. We were stunned and amazed.

Bados, Rio, & Halle
All won their indivudual stakes class - Halle won BOB

In July we decided to try her at showing. So she showed for the first time at NWFest 2013. She was uncertain of what we wanted but tried to please. She did okay but nothing fantastic. She was also just learning to let others touch her without backing away. Not sure why she was so hesitant about others touching her but she was.   


We have been overjoyed to see Halle come out of her shell and blossom. She has gained weight  ( maybe a drop too much!)and started trusting everyone. At BooFest 2013 she showed under Lorraine Merchant and won WB, BOW, and BOS.  She has  placed well under every judge she has shown under and only a couple of points to go to get her ISWS Championship. In a few short months she has also achieved her ASFA FCH and her NOTRA ORTC ( the first female and the 2nd only Silken to achieve this) and only a few points to get her SRC ( straight) championship.  


 Everyone who meets Halle these days are in love with her and her lovely color. She is as straight and correct as any judge hopes to meet.  She loves to have everyone walk up to her on the couch and rub her belly - in fact she insists on it. She is playfull and gentle with all the dogs here and others we meet. She is a lovely girl and I am so blessed with having her back in my life. I will probably think about breeding her in 2015 since I want to play with her in the performance field for at least another year.  


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