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Silken Placement Questionnaire
Please return to Paul & Karen Sanders
Attn: Puppy Questionnaire
13120 SE Wiese Rd.
Boring, Oregon 97009
(or hit submit at the bottom of the form and it will email us direct)
Special note: We always try and respond within 24 hours, if you do not hear from us please contact us directly at allagantesilkens. We have had a few blank ones come thru and do not know if this is a problem with our form or not. PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE EITHER PHONE# OR EMAIL SO WE CAN CONTACT YOU. WE HAVE A FEW THAT HAVE COME THROUGH WE HAVE NO WAY TO GET AHOLD OF YOU.

Phone & Email Address
Where did you find out about Silken Windhounds?
Have you ever seen a Silken Windhound? If so whose dog was it?
How did you find us at Allagante Silkens?
Please list your household members and their ages (and occupations if applicable)
Is anybody at home during the day? If so who?
How many hours a day is the house empty?
Where do vision your dog to be when you are not at home?
Where do vision your dog to be when you are at home?
Residence-Own Or Rent Own
Do you live in a House or Apartment?House
Is your residence?rural
Please describe the size of your yard and the type and height of your fencing:
f you do not have a yard, how do you plan to exercise your dog and how often?
When you travel or away from home for any length what and where do you plan for your dog to be?
Where will your dog be spending its nights at when you are at home?
Where will your dog be spending its nights at when you are not at home
Please describe all other dogs owned by you(example: Borzoi owned for 9 years)
Do you own any dogs now and if so please describe what kind and age:
Have you ever had any problems with previous dogs that you would rather not have repeated? If so please describe:
Are you looking for a puppy or is an older dog acceptable?Prefer Puppy
Prefer Older
It does not matter
Prefer Puppy but will consider older dogs
Are you looking for a gender preference for your dog?If so, do you want a male or female and how how strong of a perference is it strong or mild?
Do you plan on spaying/neutering your new dog?yes
I'm not sure
Please describe those personality and activity aspects that you would value most about the dog you would like.
What activities would you like to share with your dog?Check all the following that applies:
Obiedience Training/Competition
Therapy Work
TV watching/Couch Potato
Breeding & Raising Silkens
Any Comments

Thank you for your interest in our Silken Windhounds.