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Meet the retired gentleman who helped shaped Allagante Silkens

Windspirit Apache Allagante

As of 3/28/04 Apache received his ISWS CHAMPIONSHIP and is the second dog ever to acheive an ISWS Championship.
As of July 2005 Aapche is the second silken ever to achieve a RARITIES "GRAND" CHAMPION title.
At the SilkenFest 2008 Apache won BOB and became the 1ST
ever ISWS GRAND Champion Silken!
In July 2008 Apache became the 1st and only Silken to
achieved the title of NAKC SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION !

"Apache" (click on name)
CEA Clear / MDR1 Carrier
Apache caught our eye as soon as we saw him at the 2002 Silkenfest in New Jersey. His eyecatching color and along with his abundance of high spirits made us fall in love. When we saw what wonderful conformation and movement he possesses, we knew we had found our first breeding male. The judges also concured and gave him first in his puppy class.

Since then he has proved his ability winning Best in Shows at multiple shows. He has numerous titles at this point. See his stats page. He has surpassed everything we had dreamed of.


Winddancer Tocho Allagante
Tocho on snowday 2007

CEA Clear / MDR1 Clear
WindDancer Tocho Allagante is a Apache grandson. He has amazed us with his "not a problem" attitude he takes with everything.  As a puppy himself, nothing really fazed him.  As an adult he just keeps getting better
 His conformation along with looks, personality, health, and color makes him a prime example of a beautiful Silken Windhound.
We thank Judy Henderson for this lovely boy.




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