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ISWS GR CH, NAKC Supreme GR CH, Rarities GR CH, IABCA CH Windspirit Apache Allagante FCH, SRC

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What a face!

Windspirit Apache Allagante (stats)
Sire = Den-San Belgium Windspirit
Dam= Kristull Nakayla Windspirit
Height:      21+7/8" tall
Weight:     32 lbs
Color:       Red Brindle
Markings:  Irish Marked
DOB:        01/23/2002
MDR1 tested Carrier
CEA tested Clear
CERF tested normal
Cardiac tested normal
(only 3 Silkens have ever achieved "GRAND" CH)
Multiple BIS's
Multiple Supreme  BIS's
(only Silken to ever achieve this)

click here for pedigree

  • 2002 Silkenfest puppy winner-6 to9 month dog
  • AKC Judge--Barbara Ewing
  • Judges comments: Irish marked brindle dog, very elegant with sweeping lines. He had lovely side gait and was good going away, although he moved a bit narrow in front, typical for his age group. Maturity and the additional substance that comes with it will only enhance his quality.
  • 2003--won 2 out of 3 of his coursing races
  • 2003 Best in Show  at the Western Regional Silken Specialty
  • Judge-Kris Brolin
  • 2004--Won his Rarities championship in March
  • 2004--Was the 2nd dog ever to acheive an ISWS Championship
  • 2004 Rarities top Silken in the country
  • 2005 won Best in Show  at the rarities Oregon Classic
  • 2005 Achieved the title of Rarities GRAND Champion
  • From 2005 on many BIS and BISS
  • 2008 won BOB at Silkenfest 2008
  • 2008 Wins HP Veteran in straight racing at SilkenFest 2008
  • 2008 1st Silken to acheive title ISWS GRAND champion
  • 2008 1st and only Silken to acheive title of NAKC SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION
  • 2009 becomes CQ for lure coursing
  • 2010 Apache at 8 plus years old continues to race and, course winning his first oval race point and more firsts in LC
  • 2010 Apache achieves his field championship in lure coursing 
  • 2010 Apache acheives his SRC (straight racing championship)

Apache at NWFest 2010 (8+1/2 yrs old)

Apache winning BIS at SilkenFest 2008

Apache can still race at 6+1/2 years and became highest scoring veteren Silken at SilkenFest 2008


When Apache is not playing show dog, you can usually find him out in one of the pastures playing or in the house curled up taking a nap. But no matter what he is doing, his coat always looks fabulous. I hardly ever even brush it. He is like a cool Cary Grant in personality. He is a love to live with.

Apache standing out in the fields

Apache loves toys. It would be his wish to have a new toy every day to play with. He never tears them up but loves to play with toys completely. And he knows what items are toys and what are not! One day a little boy came to visit and he had a Spiderman toy with him.  Apache had never seen a Spiderman doll before but he just knew it was a toy. Apache never takes anything from anybody but he wanted that toy. Badly! Apache kept trying to steal the toy from the little boy and the little boy did not want him to have it.  It was quite a game between them.

Apache right side

Apache is very photogenic and is usually looking very elegant and regal. He is anything but! Apache can usually be found in any antics or highjinks around the place. The look on his face is pure enjoyment. He loves to be in the middle of everything. Apache is also a social butterfly.  If I take a collar out to take the dogs anyplace, Apache is the first to try and stick his head in it as if saying "pick me! pick me!".  He loves to go for a drive, a walk in the park, or even going to a dog show.  As long as he can go and be with us then all is right in his world, and is crushed if you leave him out of any event.

Apache 2 years old showing in 2004

As you can see below at 5+1/2 years of age Apache is still going strong. He tied for 6th place out of 43 dogs at Silkenfest 2007. For more racing photos click here "Racing photos".

Apache racing at Silkenfest 2007

As I said Apache loves to go to the shows. The first year of showing we both had to figure things out but now he smiles and loves the rings. And when a dog loves it so much it comes out to the judges. In July 2005 he showed in 4 Rarities ( all over 100 dogs entered) shows and  took one Best in Show and one Reserve Best in Show. We were so proud of him.

Apache BIS at 2003 Boofest

Apache even at 10 months old had captured our hearts completely. As soon as we saw him at 8+ months old we knew he belonged with us. And we were right and have enjoyed his bubbly personality ever since.

Apache 2002 at 10 months

ssshhh-----I need my rest to run

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