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The Silken Windhound is a small hound with the BIG future.

What is a Silken Windhound?
The Silken Windhound is a small to medium sized, silky coated, extremely elegant sighthound. Silkens have Medium to long Silky hair with no undercoat. Their luxurious hair is easy to care for and should be soft and silky to the touch.  Having long silky fringe that doesn't normally matt or tangle even while flowing in the wind.  Due to the fact of no undercoat they tend to have minimal shedding, most people who have allergies to other breeds find they can tolerate this breed with little to no discomfort. Another great fact is because of lack of having an undercoat they do not have that normal "doggie smell".
Although some Silkens love to play in the cold, due to the lack of undercoat Silkens should not live outside on full time basis especially in a colder climate.
What kind of personality does a Silken have?
This enchanting creature is the perfect cross between a slim, super- athlete and a comfortable family couch potato.  Silkens  are extremely affectionate cuddlers and they NEED to be part of the family.  Fantastic with kids and friendly towards almost all , along with their unfailing loving attitude, easy going nature and smaller size makes them the perfect pet for any family. They soon become beloved family members in no time at all.  Silkens tend to be amazingly happy dogs.
Not prone to be a watch dog since they might or might not bark to let you know someone has arrived.
Silkens tend to be happiest around other sighthounds. As sighthounds, most tend to like to play race games or what I refer to as "mouth fencing". Wrestling like some other breeds do, tend to turn them off but most seem completely fine living with other breeds.  Running and playing is a big part of the Silken life especially as puppies. They need a lot of exercise as pups to develope properly.
Can I show a Silken?
Currently Silkens are not accepted by AKC but do have the ability to show in some  show venues such as Rarities, IABCA and NCA.
What other things can I do with my Silken?
The Silken's clean sweeping lines and slim atheltic build gives it the speed and agility to be a true coursing dog that can tranverse over a wide variety of terrain.  ISWS ( International Silken Windhound Association)  implemented a straight racing program that has been very successful. The first Racing Champion and the first National Racing Champion was Allagante Luna Talisman aka Gideon who was bred by us and is now owned by Joyce Chin.  We are very proud to be the breeder of the first ISWS Champion.   ISWS has also implemented a lure coursing program in 2007 and is starting to take off too.
Silkens have also shown to be very competive in other sport events/activities.  Currently Silkens are enjoying the sports of agility, flyball, racing, coursing, competition obedience and any others sports their owners decide on. There doesn't seem to be much that Silkens can not or will not do with their owners!
How easy is it to train a Silken?
Silkens are very smart and tend to be very easy to house train and are very quick to learn other things just as easy.
Silkens respond very well to positive training methods. In harsher methods they will shut down and not respond at all.
How do I find out more about the Silken Windhound?
The Silken Windhound Society has a yahoo list that contains breeders,  owners, want-to-be owners and people just wanting more information. This is different then the International Silken Windhound Society club (ISWS) itself but ia a fun learning place about Silkens. Contact any breeder and they can tell you how or get you on the list.
Silkens tend to be like potato chips, once you get one you immediately fall in love and want another one. So be warned!

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