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Meet the Gentleman of Allagante Silkens


Allagante Mai Tai Davan

CEA Clear / MDR1 Carrier
Allagante Mai Tai Davan  is a gorgeous male that came back to us this last year. Son of our wonderful Apache. We show and race him in honor of his late owner, Ann Penner. She is missed.  
Update: Lego loves to go places daily which we haven't been able to do with him here. Iola and her Irish Terrier "Sunshine"  fell in love with Lego and Lego with them so he decided to try living with them. He "calls" me at least twice a week to check in and tells me all the places he visits. He loves it! 


Allagante Chinook Winds

"Chino" click on name for his page
CEA Clear / MDR1 Clear
Allagante Chinook Winds is a vibrant red brindle that is a proven sire of some of the most gorgeous fastest dogs in the country. Sire pups in gorgeous reds and fawns they seem to have picked up on his racing abilities. Although Chino never raced himself his kids are proving he passed on those genes.   



"Belize" page is still under construction
CEA Clear / MDR1 Clear
Belize is our lover and lap dog. If you are sitting or anywhere he can get to you he is laying all over you. He is a toucher. Beautiful and born in our historical litter of the largest born at 14 pups he was still one in a million. Shown here at less then a year old.


Allagante Christian Dior

"Dior" click on his name for his page
CEA Clear / MDR1 Clear
Co-owned with Keith & Jolene Hicks of Starfyre Silkens
Allagante Christian Dior is a gorgeous male out of our "designer litter"  that was born in 2008.
His colors are striking and sure to catch anyones eyes. Add the sweetheart attittude and we think he is a winner.


Keelin Double M

Keelin click on name to go to his page
CEA Carrier / MDR1 Clear

Keelin Double M is a gorgeous blond boy that we got out of California from Ian Wilson and Adrianne Marcus of Double M kennels. Out of our male Tocho and their girl Misty, we feel we got the best of both bloodlines in Keelin.
Photo courtesy of Jeffery Yen.


Allagante Mohegan Sun

"Nike" click on name for his page
Allagante Mohegan Sun "Nike" was born on 5/10/2011 and has been living in Washington with Iola Stetson for the first  9 months of his life.  Iola was kind enough to teach him his first months training in all things. Now that the puppy work has all been done he is coming home to us. Many thanks to Iola for doing such a wonderful job with him. He will start his racing career in 2012


Allagante Gold Edition
photo by Jeff Yen

"Eddie"  click on name to see his page
Allagante Gold Edition is not so gold as much as red. But he has a heart of gold. He is a happy boy that normally stays at home and holds down the fort which is his preference. However he does love it when other dogs and people come to visit him.   



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