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Allagante Elana (stats)
Sire = Allagante Aragorn Elessar
Dam= Kristull Suzie Q
Height:      21"
Weight:     29 lbs
Color:       Clear red
Markings: Spotted
DOB:        05/20/2004
MDR1 tested Carrier

click here for picture pedigree

Elana, at 9 months of age, is showing sure signs of having the wonderful Silken Windhound personality we adore. Hopefully she will also be taking over her moms show career in the show ring and start working to acheive her championships.


Elana is a gorgeous Silken that has a beautiful base color of light red and happens to be one of the few Silkens that does not carry the brindle gene which is the black stripes/patterns that appear over the coat color. Breeding for strong conformational traits within our kennel is our first and formost concern but when combined with special colors, oh my, what fun to have!


Elana is such a fun dog to have around. She is forever entertaining us with her antics. Playing mountain goat on the back of the couch or bouncing from couch to loveseat to chair is one of her many talents. She also loves to hide her goodies and nobody ever figures out where they are hidden, but she is constantly dragging out special goodies to eat or chew. This has a tendency for all the dogs to try and get it away from her. She always figures I will save her though and jumps right on my chest, usually when I'm not ready for it.

Elana with her teddy bear

Elana is also a cuddle bug and loves to cuddle with almost anything as you can tell with this large stuffed teddy bear. She also love to mouth fence with her brothers and sisters and makes the funniest sounds. You can always tell if the noises come from Elana or one of the others.



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