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Allagante Christian Dior

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Allagante Christian Dior
Call name = Dior
Sire= WindDancer Tocho Allagante
Dam=Seiran Ayame Windspirit
Height:      23+1/4"
Weight:     38 lbs
Color:       Fawn w/black sable
Markings: Self
DOB:        4/13/2008
MDR1 tested Clear

* 2009 Dior went to live with his new family Keith and Jolene Hicks of Starfyre Silkens in Southern California . We are proud to co-own this gorgeous boy with
* 2010 achieved IABCA Championship
* 2010 Lure coursing Champion
* 2010 won the first ever ASFA II Invitational Silkens attended 
* 2010 #1 Silken Lure Courser in the country

Dior came into this world and said I am a lover and has been ever since. Out of our male Tocho and our female Hillevi. Hillevi was imported out of Finland from Seiran Silken Windhounds, and she is now co-owned between us and Lucille Meale of Windspirit Silkens. Although Dior is a little different in type then most of our dogs I do love his regal striking good looks and plan to use him in the next year or so.  At the top end of the Silken Standard at 23 1/4", Dior is our biggest male at Allagante. As you can see in the below puppy photo that his black mask he was born with has faded.


Dior has a beautiful curly coat that is the most unusual markings. Since as you can see in his puppy photo pictured above that his black mask gave his face an exotic  look but he also had a black strip down his back that is you do not see because of the fawn tip to the hair but does come out dramatically in his tail.



We are very happy with Dior as he is growing up. He is extremely affectionate and happy to go places with us. It will be quite fun to watch him mature. My guess is he will only get better and more striking as he matures. See more pictures of him at his other home
See mature pictures of him below. He is in the middle. This is a 3 generation photo of his mom Hillevi, Dior, and his daughter Sahara.