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SilkenFest 2008 was an exciting time for us. We had an excellent time in Colorado besides winning such great wins. By winning BIS at the 2008 Silkenfest, Apache became the 1st Silken to ever achieve the title of
It is a wonderful achievement and we are very proud of our boy being the 1st and only Silken to have gotten this title.


Then Apache's daughter, Chiana (pronounced -chee-aw-na), handled by Paul, won BOS ( Best Opposite Sex) to Apache was the best! We could not believe we took the top two spots. We could not be prouder!

Allagante Luna Chiana

We wanted to take a family photo picture . The ribbons were gorgeous and long and we asked the judge to hold all the ribbons so we could take the photo he almost dropped them. But I think he was having a great time! Can you tell?


When Kent Jones of Kumbaya Silkens won Best of Winners, with his bitch, Dita, who also happens to be an Apache granddaughter, we asked if he would like to be in a family portrait with us.

Family photo, Apache, Chiana, and Dita

Then to make things even better Apache raced at the "grand ole age" of 6+1/2 years old and became the highest scoring vetern. We also wanted to try him at Lure coursing but as you can see it was snowing the next morning so it was cancelled. We will try it next year!

Apache with his Highest Scoring Veteren racing

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