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ISWS Ch Windspirit Allagante Sienna, FCH, LCM2, ORC, GRCXX

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Windspirit Allagante Sienna(stats)
Sire = Windspirit Allagante Nitro2Go "Nitro"
Dam= Windspirit Cool Run Talahi "Talahi"
Height:      21"

Color:       Fawn brindle
Markings: self with trim
DOB:        4/30/14

ISWS Conformation CH - 2016
ASFA FCH - 2016 #1 ASFA
ASFA LCM - 2017 #1 ASFA
ASFA LCM2 - 2018   
NOTRA ORC - 2016
LGRA GRC - 2016
Notable WINS at regional & National shows
BooFest  2016 -  WB & BOS Show 1 
SilkenFEST  2016 - ASFA BOB, Iron Hound
SilkenFEST  2017 - ASFA BOB, LGRA BOB, Iron Hound

OMG Sienna is a once in a lifetime dog. Besides being beautiful she is the most athletic dog I have ever known. When she was a pup I called my good friend Lucille Meale and asked her about this pup. I had sent her the sire that we had co-bred together and was interested in the puppies and where their new homes were going to be. I was in love with the photo of this little girl especially.  When Lucille told me she was still available I decided then and there she was mine. I flew to New Jersey to pick her up, it was amazing. She immediately decided I belonged to her. Lucille said if she wasn't so happy she was going to the perfect home she would have been hurt in her actions. Although she showed Lucille love it was all about me right from the start. It was meant to be.  



Sienna was an amazing girl right away. Settled right in her new home in Oregon with us. We loved her spirit and her amazing speed. But we never knew exactly how good she would become at the racing and coursing game. She has became a superstar and the dog to beat. As you see in the following pictures in the couple of years of coursing and racing she won most of the time until the end of 2017 ad she broke her toe and had to have surgery. She is now coming put and continuing to win again in 2018.


Sienna got her ISWS major to finish her championship from Judge Kent Jones in BooFest. Proving she is truly a dog of quality along with the power and drive for racing.


 In October 2018 Sienna went to the National Invitational lure coursing of ASFA ( the ASFA II) in Colorado and went BOB on Sunday. And Sunday was the coldest day EVER! it was 22 degrees with 20 mph winds with a chill factor of minus 2 or 3. Sienna showed nothing stops her from running and running well.   


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