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Allagante Cartier Diamond, ASFA FCH

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Allagante Cartier Diamond(stats)
Sire = Allagante Ravnwood It'se Ye Ye  "Kamiah"
Dam= The Morrigan Double M "Morgan"
Height:      20"
Color:       Red brindle Spotted on White
Markings:  spotted
DOB:        3/3/2012


Multiple BIF's (first Silken Windhound to ever win a BIF)




Cartier was never supposed to leave our home but she found this wonderful place with two small children and two lovely adults who treat her as the princess she is and will always be. So we decided co-owning was the only answer. As you can see, we have a good time having fun together with Cartier's wins. Melissa was doing her Vanna White impression!


Cartier's first love of life is running after the bag. She will do anything to get it. She has won BOB at BooFest 2013 in ASFA Lure coursing. She won BOB at SilkenFest 2014 ( our Nationals) and at NWFest 2014 for ASFA. 

Cartier made history as she was also the first Silken Windhounds to win a BIF ( Best In Field) running with all other sighthound breeds. She has won that title 3 times so far.


 Cartier loves to show off her talents in racing. The one she compete with the most for points is her sister Rosie (Allagante Premier Rose) . As you can see below she has fine form.


Cartier also loves to oval race in NOTRA. Although small in size she has a huge heart and finds ways to slip between the bigger dogs to hold her  own.


As I sais before she loves to race with her sister. She grew up with her until she was about 6 months old and Rose went to live with her forever home Tammy Mills. But as you can see they loved to play together as pups. Cartier had the striped tail!


Although Cartier does her favorite thing of racing a lot she still has to go into the ring occasionaly and she really is not excited


 But when at the end of the day she says it is all worth it and snuggles with one of her favorite kids in the car on the way home and they both take a nap. Isn't that what having a dog is really all about. All the love they have for the family.


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