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Allagante High Flyer of Myth(stats)
Sire = Allagante Mai Tai Davan "Lego"
Dam= Allagante Light Up The Sky "Sky"
Height:      21"

Color:       Red
Markings:  either spotted or I/M
DOB:        4/8/2013


Notable WINS at regional & National shows
BOS at SilkenFest Puppy Sweeps 2014
BISS at NWFest 2014



Solo was a singleton, meaning she was the only one in her litter. Because of not having to fight for food in mommy she became huge. She was the largest pup ever born here at 503 grams. She was one chunky monkey for sure. But I guess her in case it was just more to love! 


Solo loves to play and have a good time. She is one of the happiest Silkens you will ever meet. She is so much like her mother and nothing gets her upset.  Due to the coloring and the cute freckles over her nose I call her my token Spaniel. Of course she has no idea what I am saying to her. She is wonderful and the best of everything combined.
She just showed for the first time recently and in her first show she came in RWB to best friend Pagani ( Allagante WSpirit Pagani). She was not sure about it all but loved the affection and food (bait) she was getting. I hate baiting but young ones sometimes do so much better with bait.


Pretty disgusting but that can be our girl, Solo is shown here in the snow with the dead bird she caught out of the air earlier. Fast and sharp but she has the most loving temperament like her mom, Sky.  She is so affectionate and loves adults and small children alike.


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